How To Be A Megastar

We have gone ga-ga over The Blue Man Group here in our household. At Best Buy, I recently purchased their new DVD “How To Be a Megastar Live!” and we’ve really enjoyed it, especially my four year old. He’s really into these guys now. I’m just bummed that we missed seeing them in Omaha a few months ago as they made a swing through Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. Nuts. But it’s still pretty cool in 5.1 surround sound. 🙂

So if you love percussion, fun, a little weirdness, and a lot of PVC pipe, check ’em out.

Below are some clips from their show.

Baba O’Riley

I Feel Love

Up To The Roof


J, my 4 year old, is also a fan of Floppie: The Banjo Clown who appears in BMG’s show.


2 thoughts on “How To Be A Megastar

  1. Husband and I saw them in the very small Charles Theatre (gift tickets from son one Christmas) and they absolutely ROCKED. (Pity the fool who passed up having her photo taken with one of the guys.) You should try to get to one of their shows someday, surely they’ll come around again — the whole fam will just love it.


  2. Thanks! I’m hoping that we do make it to one of their shows one day. Until then we’ll keep watching the DVD and be entertained by J as he drums along with a pair of chopsticks. 🙂


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