“Nurse, bring me the claw.”

Here in one story is a summary of why I will never use an air hammer. I do a lot of remodeling around the house but just cannot bring myself to borrow or purchase this power tool. Especially not with my youngin’s around.

I wonder if the doctor’s instrument of choice was sterilized. 🙂


One thought on ““Nurse, bring me the claw.”

  1. Yeow! My life unfolds too often with Murphy’s Law in place, to risk having any kind of gun around, not least of all one for nails. It’s a good *law* actually, liberally invoked in my refusal to follow a young neighbor boy in slicing scabs off our kneecaps with a found razor blade, and also the means by which I avoided the lighter fluid-trail blaze atop the corduroyed leg that one can brush right out..er, that can usually be brushed right out. Life is dangerous enough for me with even a light bulb that breaks off, leaving its base in the socket, or, for that matter, a working toaster approached with a butter knife.


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