Savage Chickens and “B” Movies

Thanks to Jeff over at The Curt Jester I may have found the closest thing to heaven on earth: The B-Movie Catechism. It’s brilliant and I am really horked off that I didn’t think of it first. I mean, who watches more bad movies than me? I’m not just talking Keanu Reeves bad…but I mean REAL stinkers. Not just Plan 9 From Outer Space, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Daddy-O or Hercules Against The Moon Men, but movies that were so bad not even the boys at MST3K would touch ’em. Nope…he beat me to it and I’m man enough to admit it. I mean, a blog that combines ATOR: The Fighting Eagle, Scandal singing that 80s mess “Warrior”, Dippety Do, and Thomastic philosophy? Whoa! Color me impressed! Right into my Blogroll doth he go.

Ironically, two of the more recent “Riff O’ The Day’s” have come from the Giant Leeches movie: June 11th, June 19th and June 24th. The 19th is one of my favs. Guess what movie I’m watching this weekend?

Speaking of bad movies…good gravy. If Ellen and her choir started singing the processional hymn at 10:30 mass at St. John’s next Sunday and I turned around to see giant…ummm…Easter Island puppets(?) and the dance troupe from the original off-Broadway production of Hair I’d be heading for the exit in a hurry. Especially if the clowns started down the aisle.

On second thought…I recognize these dancers with the giant puppets. They’re the extras from the Scandal video! Shooting at the walls of heartache…bang, bang! I am the bread of life. Victory is mine!

See? It works…kind of…Oy.

Help us to laugh again Savage Chickens. I’ve lost my way in this post I’m afraid.


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