Kids, Cars and Summertime

Recently while dropping my young son off at his daycare I saw a window cling that stated simply “Harrison’s Hope – Never Leave Children in or Around Cars…not even for a second.”

I visited the website today knowing that there had to have been some sort of tragedy that spawned the need for creating such an organization. There is. And there are many others there, too. But these parents are doing a wonderful service to others and have created a site dedicated to their son’s memory that contains tons of hints, reminders, and materials for use in school newsletters, etc., to help remind people of the dangers involved with leaving children unattended in vehicles.

Summer is here and soon we’ll read or hear about the baby or toddler who slowly baked to death in a car because his or her parents left them in a hot car with the windows up slightly open. The stupidity and sheer senselessness of this always grieves me.

Please pass this along, visit their site, and make sure others are aware of these dangers.


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