Our two young sons are very athletic and among their favorite sports, naturally, is baseball. Both boys had little gloves by the time they were 2 or 3. What I’m most proud of is that despite the fact that their mom and dad were athletes (I played college baseball and my wife went to state in high school track) we have never pushed them in this direction. They seemed to just picked up a ball on their own and ran with it.

It’s way too early yet to know which way Sophie will go, but Janell and I promised ourselves that if she does want to pursue softball (or baseball..why not?) we are going to try to steer her clear of what we call the Pepto-glove. Honestly…PINK softball gloves? Did we really need this? I guess it’s cute and all but when our niece recently had her 4th birthday we were asked to purchase a pink glove for her because her older sister also had one. These aren’t just pink. They are coat-your-aching-stomach-with-soothing-pepto-bismol pink. I see these things and all I can think of is diarrhea. NOT what I want to think about while playing catch. Last week a friend of ours whose young daughter is playing t-ball told us that the entire team of girls were out in the field with pink gloves. And not just any old pink glove…but one that LIGHTS UP! Yes! Now you too can “flash your leather”. I didn’t believe her when she told us, but I looked it up. Yep…they’re real.

The Rawlings LS85P Lightning Series 8.5-in youth baseball glove features Lightning Technology with embedded sensors that are triggered upon impact. The web lights up every time you make a catch.

Scroll halfway down this page to find the glove. But take a gander all the other pink things available! Not just bats, cleats, gloves and helmets. You can outfit your softball diamond princess in pink knee wraps, catcher’s gear, duffel bags, and of course, pink softball thongs. Thongs? Damn…I grew up watching the wrong sport I guess.

My personal favorite though are the pink eye black strips. Who’s the genius that came up with this moneymaker? Did it ever occur to them that it’s called eye “black” for a reason? The black is what absorbs the light and helps with your vision in bright sunlight. This “genius” truly is one because he/she is getting parents to part with $6.95 for something non-functional.

I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure there’s probably also pink basketball gear and pink soccer gear. Sigh…I thought I was making a major concession by agreeing to get her a little pink Red Sox cap even though I don’t really like them. Apparently many others don’t like them either. And it’s even spawned a gender-specific fanbase: Girlsox Nation. The battle of the pink may just be beginning.


One thought on “Pepto-Pink

  1. Aw~~ That’s so lovely and cute! That pink makes me crazy now! Now I have got more energy to play this sport with this lovely glove!


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