Gil Thorp: Alive & Well in Milford

As a teen the first thing I did each morning while sitting at the counter scarfing down cereal before school was turn to the comics page in the Omaha World-Herald. One of the guilty pleasure comic strips I read religiously was Gil Thorp. Being a high school athlete it just seemed a natural fit, and it was goofy as hell.

To my delight I discovered This Week in Milford. And I’ve been stifling laughter during breaks at work ever since. It’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for comics. Recently Jason recapped the more interesting plotlines he’s blogged over the past two years of covering this priceless piece of Americana:

Starting from August 2006, we had:

  • Thorp daughter and her Indian friend participate in gymnastics meets against a little bitchy girl: Lame, but at least not too time consuming.
  • Ben Franklin hustles Marty Moon at golf. Marty drinks heavily in his parked car: Awesome.
  • Stormy Hicks whines through football season, but then a car explodes and Bill Ritter chops his leg off: Violence worth initial whininess.
  • Tyler Hicks wants to be the starting point guard so he clubs himself in the head: WTF?-Awesome goodness.
  • Old weirdo named Clambake coaches baseball team, tells boring stories that apparently fascinate teenagers, then turns out to be a lying fraud. Also softball team shaves head because their coach doesn’t have cancer: Now we’re rolling!
  • Kaz punches his way into becoming a private investigator for a washed-up singer. (Turns out Ben Franklin did it.) Also…Bill the one-legged boxer: The standard-bearer of plotlines. Can Neal ever top this?
  • Cully the killer football player makes bad friends, then Coach Thorp asks him to kill Marty Moon. Also, losers from another school play some pranks. (I’m still waiting for that part to be resolved…): Well anything after last summer is bound to be a bit of a let-down.
  • Andrew Gregory goes through like 14 personality changes and for some reason Marty Moon pretends to be his dad while Mr. Gregory is out on jungle patrol: Back to good ol’ WTF!

Marty Moon. Talk about a name from the past. I can recall the seriously goofy headsets that charachter wore while broadcasting sporting events. Tin foil hat brigade. Apparently being stuck in Milford for the past 25 years has turned Marty into a hopeless lush. I also had no idea that Riverdale’s own Mr. Weatherbee had taken up golf and now resides in Milford.

Where else do you get such awesome dialog?



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