The angel across the fence

There is an email going around that purports to tell the story of a young Jewish concentration camp survivor who was passed apples each day over the fence by a young girl named Roma during WW2. He appeared on Oprah and their story is being made into a movie which begins production this month and is scheduled for a release in 2009.

The story is true. The email being used to circulate advance publicity for the movie contains many falsehoods. Some of which incredibly are being used by Holocaust deniers as evidence that it never really happened. It’s a case of viral marketing gone wrong. Please do not circulate that email if you get it, but instead use this one. It looks to be a wonderful story and I hope they are able to get the movie made as well. Currently Maia Morgenstern, who so movingly played the part of Mary in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is slated to play the older Roma.

Herman & Roma’s story.

Oct. 12, 2009 Update:

The book and the movie are no longer in production. Please read the following links for more details. While Herman Rosenblat was in fact at Buchenwald as a prisoner his story was revealed to be untrue. Read here and here for details.


2 thoughts on “The angel across the fence

  1. Hi Mary, I’m going to update my post to reflect the fact that this book is NOT going to be made. It was revealed late last year that while Herman Rosenblat was in fact at Buchenwald, he fabricated the story. As a result his publisher canceled the book and I can find nothing regarding the movie anywhere either.


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