Prayers for Derek

About fifteen minutes prior to my 7th grader’s midget football game kickoff yesterday, a friend of mine, Rick, told me that the son of a baseball coach I know had been critically injured in a junior high football game. Apparently there was a collision on the field and a few plays later Derek collapsed in convulsions and stopped breathing. They were able to get him breathing again and life-flighted him to a Lincoln hospital. Rick said it didn’t look good as they called a priest in and they’ve drilled some holes in his skull to relieve the pressure but that’s all I heard.
This has made me almost physically sick to the point of throwing up. I didn’t say anything obviously to Janell as Nolan is a hard hitting linebacker and running back and was about to start his game. Derek’s dad was a 7-8 year old’s coach of mine in 2007 when I was commissioner for that age division and this one has really hit home. I got physically sick prior to the game and still feel like I could lose my lunch at any moment. We drive to sporting events or watch our kids get into cars as they start to drive (or their friends do) and I found myself thinking about all I want to be sure to say to my kids each day. Instead I hear what I do in fact say and realize that the gap is a wide one.
I’ve received updates from two other little league board members below. Please keep this boy and his family in your prayers.
From Dina: He is in an induced coma right now. They will begin “warming up” his body at 5:30 tonight. The next 48 hours are critical (not just injuries but life threatening as well). Once they can stabilize him, they will see what damage has been done to the brain. They removed part of his skull (about 4 x 3) right above his ear and hope to re-attach it after the brain stops swelling.
The brain is not bleeding; the injury is a blood vessel on the left side of the head. 
From Deb: This family goes to our church. A rosary was set up kind of last minute last night at the hospital (I’d guess about 200 people came) – it was absolutely wonderful to see everyone come together. Derek’s football team was there – did a team huddle at the end which was very emotional. Royce & Jen came down from Derek’s room for it and their other sons were there for it too. They are holding up as well as can be expected – trying to stay positive. Royce said at the rosary that Derek had a CT scan done yesterday  and the results looked favorable. Another person also talked to Royce and Jen shortly after Derek arrived and said whatever scale the hospital uses to rate patients with this type of injury, Derek was “at standard or a little above”. I do know both sides of their family live around Lincoln so when you add that to friends they have lots of support and help with the boys (4 others with the youngest maybe 6-ish months old). I know I’m on a list where if anyone hears of something they need, they’ll let us know. As I get updates, I’ll pass them on to the group as well.

One thought on “Prayers for Derek

  1. I am trying to get more information about Derek’ football injury. Last name and name of school, injury, etc.
    I am a researcher at the University of NC and collect this type of information for the National Federation of High schools.
    Thank you
    Fred Mueller


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