Update on Derek

From a fellow little league board member who knows the family:

I talked to Krista this morning.  Yesterday he moved his foot and then also made a face when the nurse tried to brush his teeth.  The doctors commented these were the “good” reflexes so that sounded positive. 

They started to raise his body temp yesterday afternoon about 4:30.  I guess they raise it 1 degree every six hours – assuming all is well and no bleeding starts.  His temp was down at around 90 degrees so it will take 48+ hours to raise it back to normal.  As far as I know it has been going well but Krista had not talked to Royce or Jenn yet this morning.  I don’t know if at the same time they are raising him body temp if they start to wean him off the meds or if they keep him on meds until his body temp is back to normal.  I assume the latter but I really don’t know.

Although progress is slow and I’m sure the waiting is extremely hard for Jenn & Royce, at least all the news I am hearing is in the right direction.


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