10 Things That Make Me Happy

I admit that this one is pretty difficult today with all that’s going on. But it’s probably just what I needed. I strongly urge all of you to make up your own list even if you don’t share it with anyone. It did help bring me out of my blue mood today. At first I didn’t think I could come up with five. By the time I finished I had a hard time limiting it to just ten.


  1. My little girl running to me with her arms in the air asking me to pick her up so she can give me a hug.
  2. Standing on the brownest infield dirt amongst the greenest, freshly cut infield/outfield grass on the bluest, uncloudy day of the summer…seconds before the umpire says “Play ball!”
  3. The smell of a new book; fanning the pages inches from my face while I inhale deeply and attempt to breathe in the words put to paper by the author.
  4. A good…really good…cup of coffee while sitting outside on a cool morning praying my morning prayers and devotions, with no sounds except those of birds singing and squirrels chattering.
  5. Smelling lilacs and wildflowers while walking across an open meadow or pasture on a warm sunny summer day.
  6. Observing the wonder and inquisitiveness of a child as he/she has an “ah-ha” moment.
  7. Being inside while watching large snowflakes float lazily down out of my window onto our backyard, while sipping from a cup of hot cocoa.
  8. Laying on my back in an open field amongst the uncut hay with a friend and watching the whitest, puffiest clouds float across the bluest summer sky while discussing what each cloud formation resembles. “That one looks like a rabbit…that one a tree…”
  9. A drive on a late summer evening along a lonely stretch of rural highway with the windows down, past freshly cut alfalfa fields in which the sweet aroma is so thick you feel as if you could actually reach out and gather a cup of it in your hand.
  10. Attending our school’s morning masses the first week after the 2nd graders have received their First Communion. They are positively radiant…they glow…and silently they speak to us of Hope.

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