Children: a lesson in humility

One of the best. Schoolparent. Stories. Evah. This week anyhow. My own Jonah just started pre-school and St. John’s ain’t got NO idea what’s about to hit them. And about the time he hits 4th grade or so Sophie will be right on his heels. Until now they’ve only had our quiet child, Nolan, to deal with and he’s moving on to high school in two years. Lulling them into a false sense of security has been our modus operandi.

Best line from the comments: Without children, how would we ever learn humility?

We just had our school’s open house last night. Glad I didn’t bring a large soda with me. As crowded as it was I’d have made a similar mess.


One thought on “Children: a lesson in humility

  1. ROFL! Matthew’s pretty funny. Women learn early on never to bring a drink anywhere where there might even remotely be kids. We just leave it in the cupholder in the car, and hope the crows don’t pass the word that “there’s an unspilled cup right here.”

    I can hardly wait to hear how much the teachers will love Jonah. 🙂

    As for my Amen to how true it is that without kids, it’s surely far harder and takes longer to learn humility, suffice it to say that before daughter’s 2nd grade teacher had met me, she had a very independent (and crabby) little girl’s vision of me which ought really to have scared her. I was down with pneumonia during the first get-together, so I came into the second one, and was reading some of the papers still on the board. The packet about “My Family” was interesting indeed. There were no sunshine faces as on my other kids’ papers, no hand-holding stick figures with a kitty nearby. Lettered large in her shrinking innocence was, “My mom reads smokes and swares.” “My bother gets a biger alowance and it not fair just because he is oldder he does not do nothin.” Poor Teach was likely expecting Maxine. Or Leona Helmsley. (I could hardly wait until daughter’s own little 2nd grader made a packet about family. 😉 ) But on that night, I brought the packet to the teacher and said it was inaccurate. She knew that and we both laughed, but I felt a need to stress that her bother DID have chores and this was why the allowance was bigger.


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