Catholic Vote: powerful video

This is a powerful video. Non-partisan. Speaking to the issues. It was put together by Grassroots Films, the creators of Fishers of Men and The Human Experience.

And it reinforces the thoughts I expressed only yesterday.

Seeing those 4th Degree Knights of Columbus at attention about 80% of the way through the video reminded me that as a 3rd Degree I need to get after it and complete my 4th Degree.

During the trailer for Fishers of Men the faces of so many priests that I know, respect and love within our diocese came rushing into my mind. So too did my thoughts turn to those seven men our parish has attending seminary right now. Seven! I hope I never take that for granted. In the past few years we have seen an explosion of seminarians and religious from St. John’s and it is truly a blessing. We pray for them at each Mass and keep them in our hearts. One of them is particularly close to my family’s hearts as he was one of our “Godteens” that we hosted in our home each Wednesday during the school year during his four years of high school. I cannot wait to attend Craig’s ordination and the first Mass he celebrates.


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