Derek’s status

Derek’s family has set up a private site that they are using to release information on his progress. Below is the latest entry from 9/17. Again, thanks to all for your continued concern and prayers.

Derek’s initial surgery basically consisted of removing a part of his skull to stop the bleeding of some blood vessels around the brain and also to keep pressure off the brain in the event of some swelling.

Derek toughed it through the first surgery with the same tenacity he approaches most of the challenges put in front of him, and made it through to the next stage which is a waiting/healing period. During this time, there were mostly positive reactions to the surgery.

The first part of the week showed great signs of improvement with reactions to voices and even the ability to respond to some vocal commands, such as wiggling his toes and squeezing a finger with his hand. There was a challenge in the middle of the week when one of the scans revealed some swelling on the other side of the brain. He then had surgery on that side to alleviate the pressure and swelling. Again, surgery went well and they were pleased with his stability afterwards.

Here we are on September 17th and Derek has made some steps towards the healing process. He had a pretty stable night last night, looks good and his counts are pretty normal. His body temperature is up to where the doctors want it; a feeding tube was put in on the 15th, and a monitor in his head was removed. Through this time they are very pleased that his oxygen saturation has been at a level that is positive.

Royce, Jen, the boys and other members of the family greatly appreciate everyone’s concern for Derek and the family. There will be updates in the Journal to help keep an overwhelming number of people informed about Derek’s progress. Also, if you wish to pass along your messages to Derek and his family; or, read messages that others have left, please write them a note in the guestbook.

A constant through this time of uncertainty and unknown, has been faith and prayer. I strongly believe that God has his hands tightly wrapped around Derek and will continue to do so. Our continued prayers will be an incredible support to both Derek and his family as they continue to move forward in this healing process. There are so many people that have come together to show their support to the entire family, and it is deeply appreciated.

Derek had a good day today . . . he was able to sit in a chair for about two and half hours. Again, thanks to all for their faith and prayers!


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