The Most Unforgettable Gift

George Wood recently wrote a nice article in which he reminisced about his favorite gift recieved at Christmas. But within the article he also lists twelve gifts that are discussed within John 3:16. Take some time during this Christmas week to read and meditate upon the gifts we’ve received in the event you are disappointed in the gifts given to you by friends or family this year, or in your inability to give what you perceive to be valuable gifts this season due to whatever economic challenges you face. I read last night where we exchange gifts at Christmas in rememberance of the gifts the Magi gave to the infant King of Kings. Give from your heart…not from your wallet. Afterall, it’s what God did. And you cannot outgive God.

So give well…but receive well, also.

“God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

· First, the greatest lover is “God.”
· Second, the greatest extent is “so loved.”
· Third, the greatest number is “the world.”
· Fourth, the greatest act is “that he gave.”
· Fifth, the greatest gift is “his one and only son.”
· Sixth, the greatest invitation is “that whoever.”
· Seventh, the greatest simplicity is “believes.”
· Eight, the greatest person is “in him.”
· Ninth, the greatest deliverance is “shall not perish.”
· Tenth, the greatest difference is found in this one small word, “but.”
· Eleventh, the greatest certainty is “have.”
· And twelfth, the greatest possession is “eternal life.”


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