“Walker, what’re you doing?” her voice on the other line asked.

“Nothin’ much. Watching YouTube vids. Watched Nights In Rodanthe too late last night. Kicked my ass. You?”

“Oh Lord, I’ve seen that. I stopped to get the oil changed in the car. Me and the kids are coming to Lincoln to watch my brother’s team.”

“Oh yeah, did they win last night? What time do they play?”

“No, lost last night. Playing in the consolation game at noon at Southwest. You still comin’?”

“Shoot. It’s 10:30. I’m still in my sweats and drinking coffee. Oh, and eating a breakfast of Girl Scout cookies,” he said laughing.

“You still got time to get in the shower and get down there. Bring Nolan. Jo wants to see him.”

He heard the teenage girl protest in the background. “Mommmmmmmm….what are you doing?”

“I don’t think she liked that. Besides, he’s turned thirteen since she saw him last fall. One word: M-O-O-D-Y.”

“So he’s his father’s son? Big deal. I’ve known you twenty years. She’s turned fourteen since our last visit. One word: M-O-O-D-I-E-R.”

They both laughed.

“So are ya comin’ or not?”

“Yeah, I told your brother I’d try to get there to see him coach. How’s work? I haven’t heard anything in awhile.”

“Good! This is the first week our company hasn’t been in the news in months. The local press has been brutal. Good people are being made examples of.”

“Yeah, socialist press is running amok. Want every business owner to make the perp walk now.”

“No kidding. But for now I still have a job. Bonus: I’ve lost twenty-five pounds through all this.”

He whistled, “Wow…good for you. Less of ya to love though.”

“True, true. But I’ve still got it up top where it counts. You know what I mean,” she laughed.

“Well then, that’s all that matters,” he grinned, finally starting to loosen up.

“I knew you’d like that. It’s why I love you.”

“You’re such a dork, woman. That’s why I love you back.”

“So are you comin’ or wallowin’?” she pressed.

“I’ll be there. I’m going to write later about what I got out of the movie. Just hit me in an area or two that was already taking on water. It’s all good.”

“Good. I’ll call you when we are getting close. Bring your daughter, too. But don’t forget Nolan.”

“Mommmmmmm…knock it off!” he heard Jo protesting again.

“Ok, ok…I will. Be safe kiddo. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Now get your ass in the shower.”

“Yes dear.”



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