She said yes

A poor, ordinary betrothed Jewish girl. A child herself.


Unordinary in every way.


Gabriel approaches.


“Do not be afraid.”


(Yeah right.)


She was alone. Unprepared.


Another woman, alone in the Garden, had been approached by an angel. Her interview had gone badly. Would this one?




She was not afraid. She trusted. She said yes.


“Let it be done to me according to your word.”


The Word.


She had a choice. We all have a choice because she made her choice.


There would be trouble ahead for her betrothed, for her unborn Son, and for her heart that was to be “pierced by a sword.”



The Annunciation, by John Collier

Would a modern Mary say yes today? 


Fortunately, a hypothetical.


But do I?


She said yes. Magníficat ánima mea Dóminum.


“My soul magnifies the Lord.”


Does mine?



©2009 Jeff Walker. All rights reserved.


Painting: Annunciation by John Collier. This Annunciation is set in suburbia, but the symbolism is quite traditional. Mary is reading from Isaiah about the Virgin who conceives and bears a son. The lily represents her purity, and she is welcoming St. Gabriel.


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