Embrace Life

Today I saw what may only be described as the most beautiful slice of film making that I have ever seen. The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is currently promotin g Embrace Life, a campaign designed to remind individuals of the importance of wearing their seat belts.  An internet phenomenon, Embrace Life smashed through one millions views online in less than two weeks, is being shown in front of James Cameron and Bill Gates at the Ted.Com conference in Long Beach, California, and may also be screened on international TV stations from the Arabic Gulf to Canada, the USA to France. You can learn more about their campaign by visiting their website.

They are attracting a lot of buzz through Twitter and there’s even a Facebook group. I saw this today at work and was stunned. I must have watched this a dozen times today. For anyone who has ever lost someone in a car accident this is powerful. Or you have a teen who is driving. Or if YOU are the driver upon whom others depend or love you and would be lost without you. This should be on television. We could all do with less of the Go Daddy girls, methinks.


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