Intellectual Dishonesty: on discrediting Catholics

Let this one truly sink in for a moment. What has occurred in the Church is terrible, embarrassing and shocking to every Catholic, and is being addressed. Screaming headlines from the press were nothing compared to the diligence pursued internally by Catholics in demanding that their bishops take steps in cleaning house. Are the other perpetrators of these crimes against children being ostracized or identified with as much vigor? In a word…no. Edmund Burke’s words, said in 1790 (see article linked below), are true today. So to my friends, relatives or acquaintances who spout off with your flippant jokes and crude comments about priests and altar boys, spare me your hateful ignorance. Until you are intellectually honest enough to admit the problems OUTSIDE the Church and not just inside an institution you not only don’t understand but one that you despise, we have nothing to talk about.

“…there are an estimated 39 million victims of childhood sexual abuse in the U.S. Between 40 and 60 percent of these were abused by a family member, five percent were molested by school teachers, and fewer than two percent were abused by Catholic priests.

Read the entire article.


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