Mother Standing

Stabat Mater (“Mother Standing”). On this day in which we remember Our Lady of Sorrows we also remember and honor the unique suffering, pain and strength of mothers everywhere.

Bill Donaghy wrote an excellent reflection on Catholic Exchange this morning.

I think about the many images taken from recent news stories, where the young are slain through meaningless acts of violence, or natural disasters strike, taking little ones away. I think of the strength of mothers. Strong for their families, for their young ones. But in this awful place of suffering, what do we do? When tragedy falls upon us, like structures of steel and stone, and we feel we cannot bear them, what is our position?

So often we ask the question “Where was God?” Where was He in my pain? Why did it come to me at all, or to those innocent little ones? In the gap left by that question of questions, “Where was God?”… a Mother stands. At the contradicting crossroads, where life and death meet, in the tension of that suffering that wants us to give up or give in, to despair or to hope, a Mother stands.

A Zenit article on the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.

A beautiful website containing the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows as well as gorgeous imagery is here. It includes the Latin to English translations of the Stabat Mater which will help those who don’t speak Latin understand what’s being sung in the video below.

There are many versions of Stabat Mater to choose from on YouTube. I chose Palestrina’s.


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