Gone Fishing

I’m halfway through NaBloPoMo. Great, right? I think so. I’ve sat down to write for fifteen straight days. Some good. Some not so much. But still…consistency is what I’m after here. I find myself throughout the day thinking of things to write, angling for ideas, the bobber of my mind’s eye floating on a sea of possibilities (and bad metaphors).

This brings me to today. Today I’m alarmed. Because I have got abso-freakin-lutely nothing in that sea. It seems to have been reduced to the size of my bathroom sink. And that’s not usually a good spot to cast your line.

So I’m going for a walk…gonna button up and take a walk into the cold night and see if something shakes loose. If it does I’ll be back to write later tonight. Or at the very least sketch something out for tomorrow.

At least it took fifteen days before  I had to write this post. I figured I’d have to do so around day six or seven.


One thought on “Gone Fishing

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