The 5th Quarter

I have been meaning to write more about this film, but have not had the time. Yet I wanted to be sure I posted it here just in case someone who had yet to hear of it reads this. I can remember the 2006 season that surprising upstart Wake Forest had. They had been picked to finish last in the ACC yet somehow won the conference championship, went to the Orange Bowl and finished 11-3 and ranked #17 in the country. But I never knew the back story.

The 5th Quarter looks to be a powerful movie. Aiden Quinn…Andie MacDowell…a true story. It is also, however, my worst nightmare as a parent. My getting through the previews and information I’ve read have been difficult enough. The movie may well kill me. Yet I plan on taking my soon-to-be-a-driver-himself eldest son. I don’t care if he watches his dad turn into a puddle of sobbing goo next to him in the theater. Maybe it will reinforce the messages from the film.

A few links:

The film’s website and official trailer.

A six-minute featurette on the making of the film.

The Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation. As this is a film about the consequences of teen driving as well as the gift of organ donation, this site is an excellent resource for parents.

There’s more. More interviews, more stories, etc. I don’t know why this movie has such a limited initial release, but I’m hoping it spreads to more theaters and areas of the country soon.

I’ll just end here with the extended trailer for the film.


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