Another movie to watch for: The Way

I’ve sent out more than one email to friends regarding new movies being released lately, such as Of Gods and Men, There Be Dragons and Cristiada. It seems that the editors at Mere Comments have noticed the same trend and pointed one out today that I hadn’t heard about before: The Way. It’s being released in the US in September 2011 and looks pretty darned good.

Worthy of note, also, is the current run of the film Of Gods and Men about the Trappist Monks of Algeria who were slain not so long ago, the coming release of There Be Dragons, about Christians in the Spanish Civil War (including the priest-founder of Opus Dei) and Cristiada, a film about the persecution of the Catholic Church by the government of Mexico in the 1920s. And, also, a recent film by Emilio Estevez starring Martin Sheen called The Way, about a father who takes up the pilgrimage on Camino de Santiago, The Way of St. James, across northern Spain when his son dies there on the pilgrimage. I do not know the spiritual content or “message” of each film, but do suspect that they at least take faith very seriously. Many are wondering if they know The Way.

The movie’s site also has a bunch of links regarding the Way of Saint James (The Camino de Santiago).

A film review by the online journal of the British Jesuits.


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