I pledge allegiance…

by Celeste Eatherton

It is the ethical bond of one to another, based in friendship, respect, and loyalty, wherein; love of life is paramount, and tantamount to the very existence of any life-long and thriving relationship.

It is the invisible, and invincible armour surrounding this country as a whole, placed there by every person affected from within, by the spark of patriotism that begins in the soul. We are protected by, and for, our allegiance.

It is the sword to the sheath of trust; each protecting the other.

And, as with any relationship, it is bound best by, and under; God.


Celeste Eatherton is an audodidactic perpetual student of life, spilled over with curiosity for nearly everything she has encountered thus far in her life. Blessed with three wonderfully talented kids. She loves God and is excited to see what comes next. There is little she can’t do, and so much more she wants to do. And she wants to write. Really. Really. Well.


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