I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible …

by Angela Ragosa

Indivisible: Not divisible; unable to be divided or separated.

Indivisible articulates the strength of our country as a whole. Our melting pot society consists of citizens from many nations that have come together through shared desires and experiences, to live in a free and just nation. Through the great depression, two world wars, incidents of terrorism, as well as the recent economic downturn, the great people of America remain an indomitable force within the global community.

If you listen to the daily pundits on the many radio and TV talk shows, on both the left and the right, you would think we are a society breaking apart – poor vs. rich, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, black vs. white, weak vs. strong. Some people may believe that the vitriolic debate that takes place between our politicians represents a division amongst our people, but it is through the rigorous debate that we are able to create the best solutions for our country.

In many countries around the globe, this debate does not take place. The government does not allow it. The ruler or rulers do not want to hear it. People are beaten, imprisoned, and killed for trying to express their desire for a better, free life for themselves and their families.  These governments, if you can call some them a government, have a false impression that they can control their citizens. But the reality is that these conversations are taking place. Maybe they cannot be heard in their great halls of government or in their palaces, but they can be heard in the whispers of small gatherings, in the alley ways of the marketplace, or even in their thoughts at the end of a long hard day. Gandhi said “We have believed – and we do now believe – that freedom is indivisible, that peace is indivisible, the economic prosperity is indivisible”.

The recent “Arab Spring” is clear example that even after decades of control, the desire of the individual to have control over their freedom, their life, is indivisible. Over the past several months we have marveled at the spirit of these freedom fighters. We have watched as they persevered through tear gas, bullets, and bombs. One country’s fight inspired other countries. Some were resolved quickly and others still battle on. But the fuse has been lit and we still do not know where it will end.

For our country the battle continues. The “tea party” movement surprised many people because it showed that even after over 200 years of freedom, our people still have the strong desire to organize and fight when they feel they are not being heard. The movement is still small, but that is not unusual for something so young. Its history is still being written. Much bigger is the indivisible spirit that it represents: The continued desire for a free people to be heard; the continued desire for a free people to live in peace; the continued desire for a free people to see their children and their children’s children prosper and grow.


Angela Soelzer Ragosa is a freelance writer, poet & published author. She has had 3 short stories published, Making Prada Proud, The Birthday Story & Panic as well as numerous poems.

Angela’s passion lies primarily with the written word although she also enjoys photography & self -portrait collage.

Angela resides in Texas as well as in Florida; both of which she chooses to call Home.


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