“And Justice”

“…and justice…”

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty, and justice…

by Chet McGrury

Justice simply defined is equality before the law. Fairness and impartiality with no prejudice to wealth, class, religion or race. Seemingly simple by definition yet difficult to make function.

I sit and I scratch my head as I look at the history of the “Pledge of Allegiance”. I wonder what Francis Bellamy had in mind for “Justice” when he wrote it in 1892. Women and African Americans were not exactly treated equally and fairly. Bellamy, being a bit of a socialist, may have had hope for a utopian America where everyone was “equal”. If his intent was a socialist system for America, I find that a bit distasteful. The uniqueness of the American experiment, the inspiration that comes from the freedom of the individual, is a beautiful irony to Bellamy’s ideals.

With that having been said we come to my thoughts on “and Justice”. If you dig past the definitions dealing with equality, punishment, and conformity to the law you’ll find another example of justice. “Do oneself Justice”. To do something to the best of ones abilities. The freedoms given to us in this country allow each individual to do as much or as little with the talents God has given us. Each individual doing justice to himself does justice to our exceptional nation.

Take that Francis.


Chet McGrury is a father of two small children, husband of one and a graduate of Doane College. Chet’s small business allows him to travel many small country towns in Nebraska and Kansas where he gets to interact with the small business owners grinding out a living in what are sometimes fading little towns. He loves working with some of the truly exceptional people that really make it work out there. Chet loves his family, his country, his bible and his guns.


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