The Road Ahead

I read this quote this morning and it sums up perfectly my mindset for the past month. Ever since I returned from my vacation words to this effect have been rattling around the recesses of my mind. My friend Bryan said some things to me that week that started it, though I suspect they served merely as a catalyst for something that’s been gestating for a long, long time. From Heroic Living, by Chris Lowney:

We in the developed world have failed to make ourselves any happier or more fulfilled than we were decades ago. We don’t have the satisfaction we crave, yet we are too shortsighted to notice that the road we’re traveling won’t get us there.

Once we lift our heads high enough to take in a bird’s-eye view of our culture, we, the world’s prosperous, start to seem like a convoy of anxious drivers lost together on a foggy road, carrying on and hoping we’ll soon pop out into sunshine.

Unfortunately, we’re not driving toward fulfillment; we’re driving ourselves nuts.

I’m seeking an off-ramp. Now.


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