“Always A Family”

During the days leading up to the tenth anniversary of the horrors of 9/11, I made it a point to shut off the news. I didn’t want to watch the usual hand-wringing and politicizing of those events. Instead I spent time in prayer and reflection, because deep inside I’m still very angry about it. Angry about what the terrorists did, and angry about what became of our country in almost the immediate aftermath.

On Sunday morning before going to Mass, I wrote a quick note on Facebook about my early morning hours on my backyard patio.

During the Office of Readings I came across this passage from Psalm 66:

You let men ride over our heads;
We went through fire and through water;
But then you brought us relief.

This caused me to pause as all the images from that Tuesday ten years ago came flooding back.

And then as if on cue, my reflections dissolved as the sirens of Lincoln’s finest drowned out the squirrels and the birds. They were responding to a local call.

Relief does come.

Relief does come if we let it or in how we choose to find it. And so I got through the day unscathed.

And then The Anchoress wrote about Story Corps. And I watched their videos. And the floodgates opened wide.

Relief does come and it will continue to come. In the meantime we all deal with things as best we can. I love what this group of creative people are doing to help us all get through it.

You can find Story Corps on Facebook here or check out their website here. Lest you think they are all tearjerkers, some of them will have you laughing. I promise.

My favorite thus far:


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