Friday Five (Vol. 1)

Jennifer Fulwiler has been publishing her 7 Quick Takes Friday since October 2008. I’ve been thinking of doing the same for several months but don’t know that I can come up with seven each week. So, in my efforts to introduce some casual brevity I’m limiting myself to five. I’ve found dozens of other blogs or sites that do “Five For Fridays” or even a “Friday Five”, but almost all of them involve questions to answer, or the same formats, etc. I prefer to do as Jennifer did and just free form it. So here we go.

— 1 —

Fall is obviously in the air here in the Midwest. Two nights ago my neighbor covered her tomatoes in blankets in anticipation of a frost that didn’t come…but will soon. My week began with planting grass seed over some bare areas in the backyard, the scars that remain from having our utility lines buried beneath the ground last spring. A summer full of baseball and other activities had pushed my summer to-do list to the fall, and my weekends are full until the snows come. So far I’ve built a ten-foot cedar privacy fence for the patio, aerated and overseeded the yard, replaced a side gate, and done a few more things that escape me now. Now I just need some sunshine and a little warmth for awhile to nurture this new grass along.

— 2 —

Quote of the Week: “Man needs wisdom, but what he needs and what he buys are two different things. Wisdom may cry at the gates, but man is too busy at the mall to hear.” – Anthony Esolen

— 3 —

Watching the Nebraska football team each week on the Big 10 Network has been great. During the first week’s game against Tennessee-Chattanooga I thought to myself that it was great to see this game for free, whereas in years passed I would have paid $40 on pay-per-view to check out the new team, new offense, etc. and then cussed myself afterwards for blowing the money on a mediocre game. Thank you Big 10. And thank you Big 12 (or is it nine now?) Commissioner Beebe for making it all a reality.

— 4 —

So you think this can’t happen here in America? Watch this. Still think it can’t?

— 5 —

A palate cleanser after #4: For reasons I cannot explain, I imagine that this video, and the characters within, would make Flannery O’Connor smile.


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