45 minutes, or a lifetime

“Everything around her is a silver pool of light …”

The best three minutes of your day today via The Washington Post:

Twenty-four hours after surgery to fix her cleft lip, a little Brazilian girl’s face is still swollen and painful.

But the look in her eyes when she sees her new face in the mirror for the first time is hard to mistake.

To see and be seen, both physically and metaphorically, is so integral to being human, so that without these doctors she might have been relegated to a life where people look away. If you’re ever seeking a charity to support, please consider Operation Smile. Another way that you can help these beautiful cleft affected children is to send cleft bottles to orphanages through great organizations like Love Without Boundaries.

Many cleft babies in third world countries suffer severe malnutrition and often die from not being able to get enough nutrition in their first year. If cleft bottles are not available and they are not in most developing countries including China,these children are given milk with a spoon or an eye dropper which is very time consuming and difficult.

These types of palate correction operations can take as little as 45 minutes. Yet there are those who are justifying the aborting of children in the womb because of this with such frequency that the British government is fighting to suppress the statistics of the frequency in which this occurs. And a cleft palate is a less common reason used to justify killing children. Here in America we have our own reasons of course, which are then used to accomplish things the way we do best: through litigation. Imagine being this child (his name is Bryan) and growing up one day to learn that your parents wanted you dead so much that they sued under Florida’s wrongful birth statute after you were born. (Wrongful birth? How upside down have we become?)

The time spent for an actual abortion procedure takes 5-10 minutes for first trimester procedures, and 15-20 minutes for second trimester procedures, depending on gestation, with an additional 3-5 hours for paperwork, blood draw, lab tests, counseling, etc. Plus 20-30 minutes of in-clinic recovery time. And the rest of your life to think about it.

45 minutes.

While it is true that his parents didn’t give him up for adoption or worse, leave him to die, I can’t imagine the shock they had when Bryan was born missing three limbs after being told repeatedly by their OB-GYN that the ultrasound showed everything was normal. Some have even argued that they “had” to say they would have had him aborted in order to sue and win their case. This, however, is called perjury. Pray for this family.

His handicap in this life won’t be his lack of limbs. It will be his parents reminding him over and over that he’s “not normal.” To Bryan and his parents I wish to introduce the inspirational Nick Vujicic and the other members of The Butterfly Circus.


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