Friday Five (Vol. 3)

— 1 —

I’m a little late today. I took the day off as I’m still catching up on items that were neglected during a hectic summer baseball season. I drank the last of my coffee (must go shopping before the weekend!) and sat outside in the very chilly morning to pray the Divine Office. Today is the feast day for St. Jerome and I read a selection of his now seventeen hundred year old writings on wisdom as the sun splashed upon the pages from its vantage point between the trees. Had I gone to work I’d have been prepping for yet another meeting. Mornings like this all too rare, and very welcome.

Of course here in Nebraska we’re all looking forward to the big game tomorrow between Nebraska and Wisconsin. Or “the Battle between the Cornhats and the Cheeseheads.” I prefer Herbie vs. Bucky myself.

— 2 —

I couldn’t let the week go by without a word on the events in baseball on the final night of the season. As a Red Sox fan it was a night to forget, of course. In fact the entire month is already being erased from my brain. The collapse is by now well documented so I won’t write of it here. All I can say is that the team I saw play the last few days of the season was not the same team I watched play all summer long when they were the best team in baseball, including the two times I saw them play in person. Injuries had simply decimated the team to the point that the nine I saw on the field Wednesday night may have had “Boston” on their jerseys, but it was not the same team. I’ve also avoided watching or reading about it until last night when ESPN was gleeful to report all of the fallout. It seems the talk radio yakkers in New England want a sacrifice for the collapse and are clamoring for it to be the two men responsible for two world championships over the past seven years, ending the 86-year drought. Big mistake. Theo Esptein (the general manager) brought in the best players available and Terry Francona (the manager) did a fine job with what he had until the injuries just got to be too much. The last I checked, it was the players with bats and balls and gloves in their hands, not Theo and Tito. The players, for all of their efforts, failed. To compound that by tossing out management would be a mistake.

— 3 —

That’s the night from my Red Sox fan point of view. From my vantage point as a baseball fan all I can say is what a fantastic night! This is why this time of year is the best time of year. Two teams that were playing their worst at the end of the year both were eliminated and thus did not limp into the playoffs. The two teams that caught them are playing at their best. All eight teams have a legitimate shot to win. And the five minutes of drama that occurred in Baltimore and then in Tampa back-to-back was among the greatest I’d ever seen. Of course I wish it had happened the opposite way, but that’s baseball. Hell, that’s life. And I appreciate all of my friends and family who called or texted or emailed me to make sure I hadn’t thrown myself on any sharp objects around the house. My wife hid them all. And the advantage to living in Nebraska is the lack of tall building or bridges. Falling three to five stories wouldn’t kill me. It would just inflict more pain.

— 4 —

You probably have seen this incredible site but just in case you haven’t yet do yourself a favor and check it out. Click on one of the numbers, navigate by hitting the + or – sign to get closer or farther away, then use your arrow keys to either get a full 360 degree view or up or down arrow keys to gaze at the stunning ceiling or mosaic floor. This is about the best way to explore and appreciate the Basilica next to actually being there.

— 5 —

This is a pretty good illustration of why I’m not a huge fan of comboxes on the internet. I realize this is a parody, but if you look at any comments posted on YouTube, news sites, or your local paper the lack of civility or decency is astounding. Poor Beaker.


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