Your Favorite Memory

Cassel Open Air Theater

Today I came across this delightful video that asked people in Chicago what their favorite memory was.

I thought about this all day and it provided me many warm inward (and outward) smiles. It’s an exercise of sorts in counting your blessings.

For the record here are five of my many favorite memories in random order:

  • Waking up my oldest son (who was 8 at the time) so he could sit with me and watch the final innings of Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. I wanted him to see history when our beloved Red Sox finally won it all.
  • Walking across the Cassel Open Air Theater at Doane College in May of 1990 and receiving my two college degrees.
  • Everything about the first time I spent a week at Camp Cedars with my Boy Scout Troop #211.
  • The pretty, doe-eyed brown-haird girl named Autumn who, in the first grade at Beadle Elementary in Yankton, South Dakota, volunteered to be my deputy on “show-and-tell” day. I’d brought my sheriff’s badge, toy gun, holster, and handcuffs. She’d brought a cute little cowboy hat. I think we arrested half the class during recess.
  • Going back to the South Dakota elementary school where I’d attended 3rd and 4th grades the week after I’d graduated from college. The desks were tiny, the rooms were small, but nothing had changed a bit. I wrote about this experience here.

And for the record, yes of course my wedding day and the births of my children would be among the top. I wanted to list others, too.

Now it’s your turn. Those are some of my favorite memories. What are yours?

H/T: Paul at People For Others


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