October Baby

At the core of every good story is a great story. What I mean is that in order for a piece of art, whether a book, movie, song or painting to hold our attention for more than a fleeting moment it has to have its origins in a great story, usually involving a human drama. It also must be told well. That is why I say a good story has to contain a great story. Too many great stories get watered down by the vessels/artists that attempt to share them, such is the frailty of humanity. But if they are great to begin with they can still shine through.

Human drama stories that we will surely see more of in the future are those like Gianna Jessen. We live in an age where a single sperm donor is responsible for over 150 children without a clue who their biological father is. It is also an age of the “failed abortion”, a term so surreal that it’s difficult to wrap our minds around it. Many can’t and choose to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I have seen Gianna speak. I can’t remember where or when. I believe she came to our diocese a few years ago and that it may have even been at my parish that she spoke. I don’t recall the venue, but I do remember her and her message. One cannot be met with such a visible image of love and acceptance and not be affected by it.

There is a movie in limited release right now (Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee) that is set for a wider release in the spring of 2012. October Baby tells the story of Hannah, a 19-year-old college freshman who discovers not only that she was adopted but also the survivor of a failed abortion. Seeking answers, she embarks on a road trip with a few of her friends in search of her biological mother. On Virtuouspla.net, Rachel Howell writes:

The Film is produced and co-directed by Andrew Erwin, alongside his brother Jon. They heard a girl named Gianna Jessen speak who is an abortion survivor with cerebral palsy [due to her premature birth from the attempted abortion] and were so arrested by her testimony that they had to do something with the information they had learned.”

Judging from the trailers and the stuff I’ve read about their film on their website, I’d say they did a compelling job with that information. It is a great story and appears to be told well.

I’ve embedded two videos below. The first is the trailer for October Baby. The second is an interview with the directors and Gianna. The lady can sing, too.

The Facebook page for October Baby Movie is here.


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