Friday Five (Vol. 10)

— 1 —

“When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful. A miracle. It was beautiful. Magical.” – The Logical Song

Today seemed the perfect morning to grab my Paris CD by Supertramp for the drive into work this morning. Good gravy! Has it really been 31 years since this thing came out? Ouch.

“Don’t do this and don’t do that.
What are they trying to do?
(Make a good boy of you)
Do they know where it’s at?
Don’t criticize, they’re old and wise
Do as they tell you to
Don’t want the devil to
Come out and put your eyes.”
– School

Another headslap. When did I go from being the kid in this song to the parent? I missed the memo.

— 2 —

Ok, enough of that. I’m copping out by using the Supertramp lyrics because I’m pressed for time this week and a little stuck. Also I’m still reeling from thinking that one of my favorite albums of all time is over three decades old. But then several of them are. I’d list some here but then I’d be depressed. And then I’d crave a donut to feed my depression. Not just any donut will do as comfort food for this trip. It would have to be a glazed donut from Don’s Bakery in my hometown of Schuyler, Nebraska. Who knew that those weekends where mom would go downtown, sometimes bringing me along, to buy a box of donuts from Don’s would be such a cherished memory today? I will never forget the smells in that little bakery. No one who ever visited Don’s will either. A little bit of heaven on earth it was. And since Don’s is long gone well…let’s just stop there.

— 3 —

“Man needs wisdom, but what he needs and what he buys are two different things. Wisdom may cry at the gates, but man is too busy at the mall to hear.” – Anthony Esolen

I thought of this yesterday when I heard that the 4am madness on Black Friday is now no longer enough. Some stores are going to be opening this year at 8pm on Thanksgiving night. Last night I read about the reaction of those who it would impact the most: the store employees. I’m glad to hear they are fighting this. As someone who spent a few Thanksgivings at his store instead of with family so we could pack every nook and cranny with merchandise, and then come in early Friday and watch it get torn to shreds by frantic shoppers, I can empathize with these people. They have families, too. They are about to spend their next four weeks dealing with a lot of craziness, plus the 2-3 weeks after Christmas dealing with returns. Give them a break, and a few extra hours.

When’s the last time any wisdom came out of a shopping mall?

— 4 —

“Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine.
At least I’ve always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino!”

The above quote is attributed to noted historian and author Hillaire Belloc, himself a Catholic. Benedicamus Domino is Latin for “Let us bless the Lord” which dates back to Rome before 1000 AD. I found it in some old emails I’d sent to myself for use this Thanksgiving. My wife and I were discussing what wine to bring to her family’s farm this year (We alternate Thanksgivings each year. This year it’s her family’s side.) and I remembered this quote. I’ve got a week to memorize it.

I maintain my hotmail account for use as a repository or file cabinet of sorts. During the course of a day I’ll find a story, a photo, a quote, or sketch out an outline with thoughts of my own, and email it to that address. It’s become a cluttered file cabinet I suppose. But there’s a lot of good stuff there, too. Occasionally I clean it out. But when I sift through the chaff I’ll stumble across a gold nugget now and then.

— 5 —

I doubt this is what we’ll have for Thanksgiving this year, but it wouldn’t be so bad either. Every year we’d watch this on TV and will do so again this weekend on DVD with the kids. Now instead of a glazed donut I want some toast and popcorn. Happy Thanksgiving (a little early) everyone!


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