Friday Five (Vol. 14)

— 1 —

I’m late and will be brief with my writing this week. It’s been a very challenging week for me on many levels. It’s been a week that has tested me more than I ever imagined I would be tested. It’s served to remind me in a stark way what is truly important and that being a parent is amongst the toughest jobs in the world. In short, this week has brought me a lot of perspective. Don’t be surprised if I sneak in a few things about that subject later on. Just sayin’.

— 2 —

For the past week I’ve been listening to Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas. The CD/DVD set is available at Starbucks for $13. I purchased mine last spring when they were selling it on clearance for $10. I finally popped it in this week and have been repeatedly enjoying a trip down a cherished childhood memory lane.

— 3 —

I submit that this was the Greatest Dance Party, evah!

— 4 —

It’s time for a little perspective…

The Master always taught that Truth was right before our eyes and the reason we did not see it was our lack of perspective.

Once he took a disciple on a mountain trip. When they were halfway up the mountain the man glared at the underbrush and complained, “Where’s the beautiful scenery you are always talking about?”

The Master grinned. “You are standing on top of it, as you will see when we reach the peak.”

— 5 —

More perspective. I love this video.


2 thoughts on “Friday Five (Vol. 14)

  1. Raising my sons has brought me more perspective on what’s important in life than a library full of self-help books ever could have. My only regret is that they had to suffer through my stupidity along with me.

    Soldier on, brother — it’s the journey, not the destination. 😉


    • Thanks Rick. You’re right of course. Practical experience is the best teacher. I just would have preferred skipping this particular lesson, although I admit now as the dust is settling that it is proving to be one of those proverbial “blessings in disguise.”


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