The Sisters of Joy

I used to frequently visit the Adoration Chapel of Christ the King and spend time in prayer or just sitting alone with my thoughts. It is truly an oasis of peace literally right in the middle of Lincoln. I was also once a member of The King’s Men and visited the chapel weekly, but a few years ago with a job change it became more difficult for me to do so. It is with not a little regret that I admit it has been more than a year since I visited their chapel, and I always seemed to find just the right book in their gift shop out front. I took my now sixteen year old son with me a few times when he was 8 or 9, but have never brought along my two youngest children. I know my very active 2nd grader could use a some slowing down, and as my daughter is a huge fan of the color pink…and of joy as well…I think she’d really enjoy it. But I don’t think I’ll bring them at the same time. That may be asking a bit much.

We are truly fortunate to have these prayer warriors here so close. Their order has convents in 22 countries, including four locations here in the States: Philadelphia, Corpus Christi, St. Louis and Lincoln. I’ve been present when they’ve prayed the Compline, or Night Prayers, from The Divine Office and found it most comforting. I’ve written of this before, but once I went along with a friend of mine who needed to deliver a few things to the convent. We were met in the convent entrance/office by the head of the order. A tiny woman with clear, sparkling eyes, she smiled with interest when John introduced me. Those eyes then seemed to bore deep into my own when she assured me that the Sisters had been praying for me at the request of others, and for my own intentions that I’d delivered to the prayer box as well. “Do not worry about such things,” she said. “God will see you through.” I was approximately two feet taller than her, but at that moment she towered over me and all I could seem to force out of my throat was a squeaky “Thank you, sister.” A more humbling experience I’d be hard-pressed to recall.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I think it’s beyond time I went back to that beautiful chapel. While writing this I blocked out some on my schedule for a visit after work later this week.

This is a new DVD presentation produced by a friend of mine about the Pink Sisters of Adoration, an order of nuns more affectionately known by us here as “The Pinks.” The video runs for about 15 minutes and is narrated by Msgr. Nemec. It’s a little dry and very matter-of-fact, but it is an excellent presentation about the inhabitants of an oasis of peace right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

LIVE quietly with God.
WORK gladly for God.
VIEW things from God’s viewpoint.
TALK things over with God.
GLOW with zeal for the glory of God.
FIND your joy in God.
REST deep in the heart of God.

—Mother Mary Michaele, Co-Founderess of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters


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