Friday Five (Vol. 19)

— 1 —

Today will be an extremely light “Five” after getting so windy last week. Plus I’m working from home while watching over a second-grader with the flu. I’ve learned something today. I’ve learned that there are several different manifestations of the Power Rangers television shows. All of them are mind-numbingly indecipherable. I had something witty to say about the show but this very minute I received a text from my wife informing me that Jamesetta Hawkins has died. Like an untold number of couples we shared our first dance together as man and wife at our wedding reception to one of her most memorable songs.

The world knew her as Etta James. Rest in peace, Miss Peaches.

— 2 —

I left Facebook last week. No one noticed. Ok, three people did. One was my mom. It’s too late for Superman though.

— 3 —

“Debates” such as this are one of the things I don’t miss about Facebook.

— 4 —

I’ve had a little too much fun dissing Facebook this week. I’ll stop for now as I plan on writing something about the experience later. Let’s just say it’s been an interesting week for me in that regard. It’s now noon and I’m going to go make a sandwich for lunch. The J-man is audibly snoring on the couch from under his blanket, finally getting some much needed sleep. He and my wife have an appointment with the doctor in a few hours. About the time they are there I will be crying while handing over a check to my auto insurance agent. We purchased a school car for our newly-minted 16-year old to use for school and now the real expenses can begin. And there you go: a few days worth of unsolicited Facebook statuses in a single paragraph. Ok, ok…I’m really stopping now.

— 5 —

But before I go, I thought this anecdote from Hunter Baker over at Mere Comments was worth mulling over at the end of the week.

The public schools are going all out to stop bullying these days. My children both attend a public elementary school, so I hear a lot about it.

Yesterday, though, my six year old daughter put together what she is hearing in school with what she has learned about the Christian faith. I was astonished and touched by the truth and clarity of it.

Sitting across the kitchen table while I read and she did her homework, she said, “You shouldn’t be a bully because God didn’t make you to be mean to people. He made you so people wouldn’t be lonely.”

Wisdom so often comes from the mouths of babes, no? See you next week, cool ones.


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