The Tolerance of Bullies

I have purposely tried to avoid bringing many so-called issues from the political arena here onto my blog. Years ago on my first blog I used to chronicle a lot of the events from that arena, and holding a degree in political science as well as history it is a part of who I am. However I had decided to stay out of that realm here at Dolce Domum because so many other people are keeping these issues in the spotlight and I didn’t want to further clutter the interwebs with my own two cents. However, it is clear that this is becoming more and more impossible for a Catholic of faith and of principle. There are political entities who have made it their mission to drag us into this arena whether we want to be there or not. Even if the matter has nothing to do with politics but instead with morality or faith, they have so polluted reason as to convince others that anything and everything that happens today has to do with politics. So even though I had hoped to avoid some of these matters, in posts to come I don’t think I will be able to avoid these anymore as I read literally dozens of stories every day that chronicle these types of events and agendas. I promise to do my best to keep it to well-thought out/reasoned responses.


I had been considering a return to Facebook over the weekend when I read yet another story that chronicled yet another social media campaign waged by Planned Parenthood. Another week, another manufactured rage, and another reason to avoid the nonsense. I’m thankful to have deactivated my account before the Susan Komen/PP brouhaha of a few weeks ago. You surely recall what happened when a foundation that was founded to bring awareness and money towards research in battling breast cancer was bullied into a bloody pulp by an organization that made a name for itself in all things bloody. Nevermind that the SGK foundations total grant money amounted to .009% of all PP funding, or that PP quickly doubled that purported loss of grant money by private donations from the so-called 1% in America (Mayor Bloomberg accounted for $250K, another wealthy patron accounted for yet another $250K), any venturing off of the reservation by a group dedicated to helping women by the ONLY POSSIBLE ORGANIZATION IN ALL THE KNOWN UNIVERSE THAT CAN HELP WOMEN had to be squelched. Hence, we witnessed one of the most brutal and classic instances of bullying ever seen. All in the name of tolerance, of course.

Drunk with their victory over SGK, Planned Parenthood’s marketing minions have now set upon a course to show themselves as indeed the ONLY entity in all the land who cares about women and the poor. And they are once again using Facebook and other outlets in the social media framework to do so. Their latest target is biggest food pantry in Wisconsin.

Planned Parenthood called Paul’s Pantry, part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the biggest food pantry in Wisconsin, and asked them to come and pick up donations, which may have been noble, but wasn’t something the Catholic organization felt comfortable doing — sending a truck over and perhaps giving the abortion provider a photo opportunity. The American Life League reports what the worker at the pantry said:

All I told the young lady from Planned Parenthood was that I couldn’t send a truck to pick up, and gave her a list of other food pantries that might want to pick up, I gave her no reason at all and she didn’t ask why. Soon after, I started receiving the hate e-mail and phone calls. I politely explained to callers that although we are non-denominational in regards to those we serve, we are a Catholic organization who shares a board of directors with our sister organization, St. Vincent de Paul. We adhere to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and to the Rule of St. Vincent de Paul. I also explained our Gift Acceptance Policy and how acceptance of the donation would compromise our core values and possibly damage the reputation of Paul’s Pantry.

What happened next? Why the campaign of bullying mock shock and anger commenced, of course.

“Within 20 minutes I was getting phone calls and emails calling us pieces of sh**. The calls that day came from the Milwaukee area, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered. We have caller ID.”

This is nothing more than PP trying to score a photo-op and boost its sagging image, and artfully using Facebook to further their aims. “Hey! Look at us! We give food to hungry people! How can you not like us? We feed the babies we don’t kill!” And as if on cue, the sheep blinded by ideology and propaganda service their needs on the knees by demonizing those organizations who have for decades and centuries served the poor without sucking off of the government’s teat.

I particularly enjoy the profile picture that states “Cancer Care Above Politics”. Irony much?

I’ve donated to our local St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. I’ve even helped stocked its shelves a time or two. These are good people, often woefully understaffed, with kind hearts who donate much of their time for free in order to serve the poor. The last thing they have is an agenda outside of that mission. Being blindsided by an orchestrated campaign of faux-rage by a government-funded entity looking to better its image is the last thing they need.

Full disclosure: I stopped donating to the Komen Foundation when I first learned of its funding to Planned Parenthood about four years ago. When I mentioned this to others I was told I must hate women and was crazy to think SGK would give funds to PP. Forgive me for saying I told you so, but…I told you so. But I also stopped donating because I have a general rule about giving to ANY charity or foundation that is so administratively top-heavy: I don’t. And before you tell me how much I hate women, get over yourself. I’ve been blessed with wonderful women in my life, from my grandmothers, my mom, my mother-in-law, my wife and my daughter. I’ve several friends who themselves who are survivers of (and sadly those who succumbed to) this terrible disease. Save your ignorant mud-slinging for another day.

In a well-researched article, a blogger doing the job that the mainstream media used to do shows that only 11 cents out of every dollar donated to the Komen Foundation actually goes towards the reason for their very existence: funding research and finding a cure for breast cancer. That’s right: for every dollar you donate to Komen a dime goes to research. The rest is all swallowed up in administrative costs, nice salaries for executives, lavish trips, and marketing campaigns to make everything in the world pink in October to make people aware of breast cancer. Not a dime of that marketing campaign actually cures that cancer (well, actually a dime is all that comes from it) but hey…look at the pretty pink bats the baseball players are using or the pink shoes on that wide receiver. It’s a shame they cowered to the bullies at Planned Parenthood, but even more than that it’s a shame they’ve lost sight of their original mission. Just as there is (for the moment) a choice in America that allows someone like PP to donate that food to any one of the other twenty food pantries in Milwaukee (which they did with much self-congratulations), there are other cancer research entities to which I can (for now) provide my funds towards the common goal of eradicating this terrible disease. Why do those who claim to be all about choice want to wage these social media campaigns against those who exercise choice?

To donate to Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay, visit their website.

Jill Stanek has more.

H/T to The Anchoress for bringing this to my attention originally.

For the most thorough investigation I’ve seen yet of the Komen Foundation, you’ll want to read this. It’s a long but thoroughly researched tour into the inner workings of how a large (and bloated) foundation functions.


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