Who will survive?

I informed my wife yesterday that I’d finally decided what to give up for Lent this year: Clutter. She immediately let out a whoop and did a celebratory dance; obviously I made the right choice. However, I wasn’t just referring to my little piles of books and papers that are spread out all over the house. I’m also going to continue to de-clutter my mind (no Facebook, still) as well as my inbox and posts that I’ve had drafted for awhile but not posted and attempt to spend the next 40 plus days focused on Lent and then the Easter that will come. What follows is one of those posts. Have a good Lent everyone.


Among many things over the past 2000+ years, Christians have survived this:

Konstantin Flavitsky – Christian Martyrs in Colosseum. 1862


And this:

Going forward the Church will survive this:


And this:

Will the principles which founded the United States of America survive this?


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