Friday Five (Vol. 26)

— 1 —

A few weeks ago I mentioned that over 60 people had registered for the Catholicism Study Series that I was facilitating at my parish. Registration closed a little over a week ago when we began on February 29th. Originally I’d hoped for 20-25 to sign up. We wound up with over 95 people in attendance. I didn’t say anything last week because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but Week One went very well outside of a few opening day glitches such as the screen being too low for some in the back to see it in its entirety. Those issues have been addressed and Week Two’s session two nights ago was a success. I’m responsible for finalizing the room’s setup, getting the coffee started, providing bottles off water/ice water each week, starting the video and planning the discussion. That keeps me plenty busy. But without my prompting a few persons showed up last week with snacks and food for us to eat during the break we take a little over halfway through the 90 minute weekly session. I’ve also found that standing in front of so many people (most are Catholic, but a few are not) in order to lead a discussion on questions regarding the faith is not as intimidating a task as I thought it might be due to the willingness of so many to chime in with their responses. What a wonderful group! Here’s to Week Three continuing in this vein next Wednesday.

— 2 —

I’m at home today, due to my daughter’s slight fever keeping her home from daycare. She’s playing with her My Little Pony Celestia figure, while watching My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Bubble Guppies and feasting on Crunch Berries. Before I took a break to write this I’ve been working on a work-related spreadsheet.

Want to trade places Sophie? I didn’t think so.

— 3 —

I’ve started and restarted this week’s Friday Five while struggling with deciding what to write about this week. There’s a lot of ugliness being thrown my way as a conservative and a Catholic and I’ve pretty much had enough with being Mr. Nice Guy. No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to vilify anyone, but will address this ugliness with something called “facts”. You remember “facts” don’t you? I know I do. Would that more people with access to a computer comment box or media microphone know what a “fact” is. I could sure do with a little less hyperbolic ignorance in this world. Sadly, it’ll be here long after I’m gone but that doesn’t mean I have to sit here and take it either.

— 4 —

Last week I reactivated my account and checked in on Facebook. I looked around and decided that unless I can discipline myself to checking in only once every day or two for ten minutes or less I’ll be deleting my account permanently. It’s no coincidence that my lack of productivity on my blog occurred at the same time that I rejoined Facebook. Any creativity or time needed to write seems to disappear when I have access to that thing. I checked back in because a friend of mine that I care about a lot lost her 25 year old son recently. But the thing is she and I are good enough friends that she has contacted me personally about this as have a few of our mutual and caring friends. I don’t need Facebook to make that connection. It is real and exists in and of itself.

Am I the only one this happens to?

— 5 —

I apologize for the brevity (though some may welcome that!) but I need to refill the bowl with Crunch Berries (and snag a few for myself). Since it’s sunny, calm and 50 outside I think I’ll go sit on the patio and read awhile. Then I need to walk the fence line and make sure there are no gaps. In 10 days our family size will be growing and I have to make sure this little guy is not able to sneak out of the yard. Shhhh…this is a surprise for my two youngest children. They as yet know nothing. It’s been six years since we lost Fenway and we’re ready for some four-legged affection around here.

Say "Cheese"!


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