The Pledge: A Guest Writing Series

Last year I invited some friends of mine to participate in a group writing exercise to celebrate the Fourth of July. I’m placing all the links to the series in this single post so that I might have a more accessible “launching pad” into the series. I really enjoyed this one, as did the group of participants. More than a few of them have asked me when we’ll be having a go at another such exercise. While I’ve been too busy to think of anything during the year so far I do have an idea or two for the fall. But for now, I hope you enjoy the words of my friends. I surely do.

From the introduction:

I thought it might be fun to do something similar with the Pledge of Allegiance, something recited by so many of us in the classrooms of our youth. Not for the purposes of composing a dissertation on the origins and history of the Pledge. But instead to make this into a series of posts during the month of July after the 4th in which individual Americans from a cross section of our country told what it meant to them.

I divided the Pledge into twelve words or phrases. I then contacted eleven people that I know from different walks of life, faiths, political beliefs, etc., every one of them an American, and asked them to assist me in this series. Not all are professional writers, but that was not a qualification for participation in this little project. With short notice they all graciously agreed to participate and lend their talents. I gave them a few brief guidelines on what I was looking for but basically told them that there were no rules. I was looking for their own thoughts on their assigned word or phrase, not my own. My goals was that when all twelve posts are put together they will form a tapestry of their own that is somehow a reflection on where our Great American Experiment stands today, minus the rancor and divisions that our modern political reality seems to present to us. In short, I was looking for what unites us instead of what divides us.

May we always keep looking for such things.

The Pledge:


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