Forgiving the Monsters

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.
~ C.S. Lewis

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
~ Gandhi

I didn’t get to see October Baby when it was released in theaters. My wife did, and she was moved to tears telling me about it afterwards. I was thinking about it the other day as it was just released on DVD/Blu-Ray this past Tuesday.

Today Rebecca Hamilton, my favorite Oklahoma politician, wrote a fantastic article that will sadly fall on many deaf ears. Deaf because they refuse to hear. Blind because they do not want to see. I know this mute blindness because when I was younger I was the same way.

I would guess that a lot of people look at that counselor with disgust and rage. But I feel sorry for her. I hate having to admit this, but the truth is, she could have been me. There was a time when I wasn’t just pro-choice, I was a stinking fanatic about it. I had seen and experienced first hand the violence, degradation and destruction that is misogyny and, like so many young women of my time, I saw abortion as a way out.

But when you go down that path of using one evil to justify another evil you end up committing even greater evils yourself. If you really aren’t a monster who has no conscience or concern for other people, you look for ways to hide what you are doing from yourself. The greatest lies of our times are the lies we tell ourselves to justify doing things that we know are wrong. What makes it work is that the whole culture conspires with us in the doing of it.

The culture, not just of Planned Parenthood, but of our whole American world, says that you can not, you should not, you must not “judge.”

As with most lies that are effective, this one has truth mixed into it. The desire to play God runs strong in all of us. I think that if we had the power to enact our judgements on one another, none of us would go to heaven. We would all condemn one another to hell.

But using the word “judgement” itself as a condemnation is not only idiotic, it’s destructive. The human brain is designed by Our Maker to observe, compare, think and conclude. These conclusions are just another word for “judgement.” When our culture labels this power to discern and decide an evil; when it shears our thinking brains away from us, we become a culture of co-dependence and mental decay.

It’s as if we’ve all suffered a cultural stroke and the words “this is wrong” have been erased from our minds. Instead of saying the plain facts of things, we go into mental gymnastics, trying to “understand” the most hideous behavior. We create fantasy motives for crimes against humanity which are tissues of lies we tell ourselves. These fantasy interpretations of the plain reality in front of us help us silence the thinking, analyzing parts of our brains. They allow us to avoid the social anathema of being labeled “judgmental.” We find ourselves unable to set standards for behavior for anyone, including ourselves.

That is how a basically kind-hearted person can become a monster.

The great irony is that the flip side of this is no better. If we take the untrammeled power to judge others onto ourselves, we unleash the monsters of condemnation, discrimination and, inevitably, killing of innocents. That’s where the gulags, pogroms, lynchings, rapes and murders come from. On the other hand, if we flee from this into a refusal to “judge,” we unleash the monsters of condemnation, discrimination and, inevitably, killing of innocents. That’s where the attacks on Christians, abortions, euthanasia, and starvation of millions for corporate greed come from.

We can whipsaw our human nature from pole to pole; from legalistic judging to fear of judging that becomes another kind of legalistic judging, and we always end up right back where we started from. We are caught forever in the morass and mess of original sin and we cannot think, moralize or fight our way out of it.

Read it all, and watch the video at the start of her post.

The sad truth is that there really is a war on women. But the real one is hidden behind the smokescreen created by the culture of death and its useful idiot politicians, celebrity activists, and the behemoth that devours the girls themselves: Planned Parenthood. They have trivialized the “War On Women” catchphrase and twisted it around on itself so that those of us who are saddened and outraged by what we are doing to generations of our daughters are the evil, judgmental ones.

There are monsters among us. We are the monsters. We who do not speak out strongly enough in condemning this genocide because we do not want to be called judgmental. We are monsters who stick our collective heads in the sands and continue to look the other way, not being able to comprehend for a moment that this wholescale murder is occurring in our cities and funded by we the people. We are monsters who judge those who would oppose our support of this so-called right to choose and stubbornly dig our heels in deeper and cling to the beliefs we were sold by celebrities and politicians we looked up to, because they would never have lied to us right?


We are the monsters. All of us. While judgment is reserved for God alone, forgiveness is not. It is the place where healing can begin and therefore the most difficult step to take. We need the strength and the courage to look hard into the mirror and to forgive the person we judge with the most merciless malice of all: ourselves. We continue to murder our sons and (selectively) our daughters because we struggle to do one of the hardest things known to man: forgive.

Forgive ourselves for not speaking out enough. Forgive ourselves for being too blind to see the truth of what is going on. Forgive ourselves for stubbornly clinging to an ideology at the expense of so many lives.

Forgive our silence.

Forgive our justifications.

Forgive our lack of courage.

Forgive our monsters. For they are us.

Memorial for Unborn Children
Sculptor: Martin Hudáček


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