A Call to Life

screen capture from the video “Have you ever thought…?”

“The very fury with which people go on seeking pleasure is a proof that they have not found it.” — G.K. Chesterton

I posted this quote late last week on Facebook. Someone emailed me to ask what I meant by it. This post is my answer.

If I were asked to summarize my recent Ignatian retreat

If I were asked to point to something that stated much of what I feel…

…what I know…what I think about…

…what I want to convey in a lot of my writing…

If I only had a modicum of talent I would have produced this video.

In seventeen minutes this video, created by someone unknown to me and for reasons also unknown, does all of that in a beautiful manner. With terrific narration, imagery, music and quotes from some of the giants such as Henry David Thoreau, Albert Schweitzer, Fulton Sheen, St. Gregory the Great, St. Josemaria Escriva, Peter Kreeft, Blaise Pascal, C.S. Lewis, St. Ignatius, Pope Benedict XVI, St. Augustine, Jesus Christ, Dietrich Von Hildebrand, John Eldredge, St. Catherine of Sienna and George MacDonald.

This is what I wish to say. What I wish I were able to say.

A video that dares to ask you, and me, all the big questions.

Are you willing to ask them?

Will you dare to watch? Will you make the time to watch all seventeen minutes?


The Tree of Life asked these questions. People complained it was too long. Too deep.

My answer: “Yes.”

Despite our shallowness and shorter attention spans a lot of us are still asking. The answer is right there in front of us.

If you make the time to ask the questions…

Make the time to listen for the answers.

If I had sense this actually would be my last post. A great finale for the blog.

What else is there to say?


Have you ever thought?
Have you ever really thought?
After all the movement…
After all the noise…
After all the pleasures and amusements…
That there’s still something missing from your life?
That your heart goes on craving something more.
And that oftentimes these passing moments of pleasure
Just left you more empty than ever?


This is a call to live.
This is a call to life.
The world offers you domination,
but you were made for freedom.
The world offers you noise,
but it can’t offer you peace.
The world offers you comfort,
but you were not made for comfort.
You were made for greatness.


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