A last verse…

…for the year 2012 and the next. I’ve made plans to take an extended hiatus from blogging to pursue other goals. Thank you all for stopping by and helping to make 2012 the biggest year this little blog ever had: over 47,000 views, and we went over 75,000 in total views since this blog’s genesis in June of 2008. I wish you all a very safe, happy and blessed 2013. Perhaps we’ll see each other somewhere on down the road.


Thus with my bell, and lantern
I bid you all farewell
and keep in your remembrance
the sounding of my bell
lest that with sin and sorrow
you do you selves destroy
God give you all good morrow
and send you happy joy.

A verse from The Bellman’s Good-Morrow


Image source: zazzle


2 thoughts on “A last verse…

  1. I’m just catching up on reading blogs and have been blessed by your words and the poems, songs, films and stories that you have collected and shared. What you have but out into the world is holy and beautiful. We don’t always get to know who has read and been moved by our words. God’s word does not return void. You have blessed us.

    Enjoy 2013. Betsy


    • I apologize for the delayed reply but thank you Betsy, I do appreciate it. I also only made it 17 days before I couldn’t muzzle myself any longer. And while I am continuing the pursuit of my goals and still plan to cut back quite a bit, I can’t help but want to share things I see, learn or experience. In other words: I just can’t shut up! 🙂


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