A quick three for thee

Three items on a Friday afternoon…

Around two years ago I made my first ever donation to the production of a film. Having complained more than once about the quality of films being produced by Hollywood I decided to literally “put my money where my mouth is” and cough up a little money towards the making of All That Remains for Major Oak Entertainment. They’ve kept us up to date with e-mails and by “liking” them on Facebook I have been able to see the progression of the production. Today they released the first “extended preview” and I’m very excited to see how the film has come together. (I’m also looking forward to seeing my name in teeny-weeny print during the end credits of the film as a contributing producer. Heh.)

On the Web:



I’ve written lately of my struggle with deciding whether to continue this blog or start anew. While I have made severe cutbacks in my media consumption and time spent online in order to focus more on my private study, journaling and writing, it seems I still desire a creative outlet and means of communication on the interwebs. But how to continue? And do I continue under my real name?

After the tragedy at Newton I really began to question the smartness of my decision to set this site up using my name. Originally I’d planned on experimenting with the WordPress venue as a storehouse for my writing; samples online that I could refer to in the pursuit of a possible writing assignment for you know….money. But I got busy with kids, marriage…LIFE…and wound up creating a little home where I could exorcise the thoughts rattling around in my brain.

Then Newton happened. And I took a good comprehensive look around at the breakdown in online civility and respect for privacy, especially towards those who don’t maintain an opinion that is, shall we say, in line with the current administration in Washington and those who support its goal of the wanton destruction of those ideals I may or may not support? Do I really want my thoughts expressed in a manner so accessible? Do I want to open my door someday to face some unhinged loon who vehemently disagrees with me?

Ok, so I admit that’s a bit over-the-top on the paranoid scale, but four years ago who among us predicted the assault on our fundamental rights such as the freedom of religion, the freedom of conscience, and a few other constitutional amendments or the turning of a blind eye to these violations by so many of our friends and fellow citizens? Their silence has been deafening to say the least, and I’ve concluded that their silence implies consent.

All of that is to say this: I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I hate to shut this place down because over the past year I’ve gained several followers of my blog whom I assume must like what they see AND I’ve had the pleasure of reading their blogs as well. I’d hate to lose all of that and start over, but I’ve got a family to consider. We shall see…


Charlie-and-Pearl-coverI rarely promote other blogs because, quite frankly, there are simply so many good ones out there and I’m afraid I’ll miss somebody. So while there are many blogs to whom I could and should point you today I’m going to direct you towards my most recent subscriber.

It was only last week that I first heard of Tammy Robinson, and for the life of me I can’t remember where I did. I’m sure I was perusing the blogs of those who had liked something I’d posted here, or had subscribed, but unfortunately I can’t recall the path I took to find Tammy so I cannot give proper credit. I think I’d visited her other blog: The Year of Wonderful Weekends.

Tammy has done something I aspire to do: she’s published a book. Charlie and Pearl is available for the Amazon Kindle and is on my Wish List at Amazon to purchase soon.

Slightly chubby, acne dotted Charlie lives in a quaint New Zealand coastal town where nothing much ever changes, which is good because he wouldn’t be very happy if it did. He still lives with his mum and works in a bookshop with Pete, an old guy who hides the sugar in the toilet and is often seen running down Main Street with a metal bowl for a helmet on his head, as he thinks the country is at war.

It may not seem like a terribly exciting life for your average early twenties bloke, but Charlie’s content, until the day Pearl blows into the bay with a secret to forget and an intense desire for solitude. Charlie’s not having any of that though, and sets about to win her heart with a persistence and determination his ex-teachers thought him totally incapable of.

Will Charlie win his girl?

Will they get their Disney Happy Ever After?

Or will Pearl’s secret come back to haunt them and bring tragedy to all.

Charlie and Pearl is story of unconventional love; of finding that spare part you never knew you were missing, and of what happens when love is simply not enough.

She has asked for help in promoting her book so that she might spend more time at home with her daughter Holly, born just last October, and I’m only too happy to oblige. I hope this small gesture helps Tammy, and I thank her for the “follow” on WordPress.

Jennifer Fulwiler wrote yesterday about the number one thing a blogger needs to do. Two days ago a dear friend whose opinion I value gave me the following advice:

“Share your heart. After all, that is why we write. Go deep, be unpopular, provoke the thought.”

Perhaps I will stick around awhile longer.


3 thoughts on “A quick three for thee

  1. Wow Jeff, you have really just made my weekend. I actually cried when I saw this post! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping promote my blog/book. It means the world to me ♥


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