The Steelers are going to draft a point guard to help improve their relief pitching, and other nonsensical speculations about the papacy

popeI am posting this because the only way to meet absurdity is with laughter. The absurdity to which I refer is that in the media involving all things papal and Catholic. I thought David Mills hit the nail on the head last week when he wrote:

We get the supposed experts who explain to their readers what’s really going on in that weird mysterious world of the Catholic Church. The church lives its life before the world in a way rare for institutions its size (How much do we really know about what goes on in Congress, for example?), but many people think the church is something like the Central Intelligence Agency. Some of these supposed experts just get things wrong, like the television reporter who solemnly told his viewers that Catholics wouldn’t know who to pray to this Easter and the Protestant magazine that explained Catholics believe in “the divinity of the pope.”

For some reason journalists can make almost any mistake about the church or religion in general and no one says “boo.” No editor would hire a guy who said the Steelers were going to draft a point guard to help improve their relief pitching, but religion? There it’s “OK, whatever, just say something.”

I’ve grown tired of listening to the anti-Catholic nonsense, the ignorance, and the offensive rhetoric. And so, as C.S. Lewis once advised, I choose to laugh at the devil. Because nothing pisses him off more or renders him powerless.

(Did I just compare certain speculation in the media to the devil? Yeah, I guess I did.)

And so I present two videos. One a bit of nonsensical fun steeped (sadly) in truth. I particularly enjoyed the theme music from one of my favorite game shows as a kid: Match Game. The other a fun, five minute primer on just how a Pope is in fact elected.

Choose Your Pope!

For the above video I must tip my hat to Donald McClarey and can only echo what he says:

Just remember in the coming days of the Conclave that the bubble headed blonde in the above video will accurately reflect the knowledge base of many of the talking heads on television pontificating about would be pontiffs.


How to Become Pope


2 thoughts on “The Steelers are going to draft a point guard to help improve their relief pitching, and other nonsensical speculations about the papacy

  1. I grew up in a church that equated the Catholic Church to the beast in Revelation. I am no longer a part of that denomination. In high school, I dated a guy who actually ended up becoming a Dominican priest. He challenged me to think deeply about my beliefs and changed me for the better–for life. I’m sorry for the anti-Catholic rhetoric, even though I have not claimed the faith for my own. Good for you for being able to laugh about it. 🙂


    • Sometimes it’s all we can do, right? I was baptized a Methodist, and grew up in small South Dakota towns where we belonged to the often sole Protestant church available. At the age of ten we joined the Presbyterian Church. While I was never hit full on in the face with what you described I certainly was aware of allusions to those things with regards to Catholicism.

      Thank you for your kind words, for reading, and for writing Jessica. Speaking of writing, when is your next post to appear? 😀


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