A New Direction

On June 25 I wrote that I would not surrender to shadow but would instead ride the sun.

And so having made my choice I am doing just that and heading off in a new direction.

There I will travel other roads in addition to the way I’m now taking. It is an interior camino that I make in preparation for the larger Camino de Santiago in Spain. Bring along your own coffee mug, or wine glass, or water bottle. The mug pictured is my newest mug found on St. Peter’s List here and after reading the story behind the quote I couldn’t resist it. This morning my new mug joined me outside for some quiet reading and prayer.


I remain an optimistic curmudgeon but am working on the curmudgeonly aspect. Therefore I will still be found writing here from time to time.

I certainly invite you to bookmark the site. Please join me and see what it’s all about.

Buen Camino!

~  Jeff


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