On Listening


Loving does not necessarily mean liking. But still it is loving, yes—totally, completely, utterly. Take the key of wisdom and unlock your own heart. Then let people in, one by one. Listen to them with full attention, with all your mind, heart, soul and body, unto exhaustion. And look!—the exhaustion will be lifted, and you will be able to listen still more. Yes, love must be communicated person to person; otherwise it will not be effective.

– Catherine Doherty, Molchanie: The Silence of God.


3 thoughts on “On Listening

  1. This is beautiful, Jeff. And I love the image that you used to accompany the message. I haven’t mentioned it yet on my blog, but my new boyfriend, Jon, actually lives in Tennessee. He’s originally an Alabama boy. It’s tough to start a relationship long-distance, but in some ways it’s actually good. You kind of *have* to listen to one another when your relationship is entirely through “facetime.” But I love the thought that our exhaustion will be lifted so that we will be able to listen more. So true. Especially when we also feel listened to.


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