Sunset at Broom Tree

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Broom Tree Retreat Center – South Dakota

After dinner I spent some time preparing for and then made a good confession. I finished my penance in the chapel and then went outdoors just in time to watch yet another beautiful sunset at Broom Tree. While watching the large orange-red ball settle over the prairie I prayed Vespers, using a solitary bale as a table to hold my breviary. I sang-whispered the hour’s hymn and this excerpt was especially fitting:

The fiery sun is already going down.
Do You, light unending, blessed Godhead,
three in one, bring light to our hearts.

Standing with my back resting against a stack of large, round bales of hay I snapped a few photos after I finished praying. And then I decided to capture the last three minutes of the setting sun in order to be able to return to this place and scene again when I need or desire to revisit such a place and moment in time.

I invite you to watch along with me. Lean back in your chair (imagine it’s hay). Turn up your speakers. You will hear the chirping of crickets and the occasional buzz of a bug or two in the field. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face; at the same time notice the slight chill on your arms and legs as the sun’s light is only hitting the highest portion of your body as early autumn’s evening chill is setting in.

And now whisper: “Thank you, Lord, for this day. Thank you for bringing light into my heart.”


hayfield sunset_2


sts isadore and maria sunset


vespers at sunset_3

Photo credits: the author


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