The Church is Intolerant

The world may charge the Church with intolerance, and the world is right. The Church is intolerant; intolerant about Truth, intolerant about principles, intolerant about Divinity, just as Our Blessed Lord was intolerant about His Divinity. The other religions may change their principles, and they do change them, because their principles are man-made. The Church cannot change, because her principles are God-made. Religion is not a sum of beliefs that we would like, but the sum of beliefs God has given. The world may disagree with the Church, but the world knows very definitely with what it is disagreeing. In the future as in the past, the Church will be intolerant about the sanctity of marriage, for what God has joined together no man shall put asunder; she will be intolerant about her creed, and be ready to die for it, for she fears not those who kill the body, but rather those who have the power to cast body and soul into hell. She will be intolerant about her infallibility, for “Lo,” says Christ, “I am with you all the days even unto the end of the world.” And while she is intolerant even to blood, in adhering to the truths given her by her Divine Founder, she will be tolerant to those who say she is intolerant, for the same Divine Founder has taught her to say: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

king-solomonThere are only two positions to take concerning truth, and both of them had their hearing centuries ago in the court-room of Solomon where two women claimed a babe. A babe is like truth; it is one; it is whole; it is organic and it cannot be divided. The real mother of ‘the babe would accept no compromise. She was intolerant about her claim. She must have the whole babe, or nothing-the intolerance of Motherhood. But the false mother was tolerant. She was willing to compromise. She was willing to divide the babe—and the babe would have met its death through broadmindedness.

Excerpt from the book “Moods and Truths”  by Bishop Fulton Sheen (Published in 1932)

In many matters today, too many to count, America has split the baby. The false mother is having her day in the sun and instead of a wise Solomon we are ruled by fools in black robes who now mandate what defines “reasonable” thought. This morning in Crisis Fr. James Schall wrote a well-thought out piece about where we find ourselves in a nation that has decided to deny what is true:

Basically, we … deny that anything can be known about reality. Relativism leaves us free to make and act however we wish. A further variation of this same point is to deny that there is any objective order in reality to which our minds are open. Thus, the fact that male and female are different but intended to be complimentary in order to keep the race in existence is denied. Nature does not exist. This emptiness of intelligibility in nature leaves it open for us to impose whatever form of life or arrangement with others that we want. We are free to deny the humanity of the fetus or, if we admit it, to deny that we are obliged to respect it if its presence runs against our personal or social preferences.


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