The nice thing about a good book

thenicethingaboutstrangers_coverMy friend Paige has written a book: The Nice Thing About Strangers. She was kind enough to list me on her Acknowledgements page and as far as I know that’s the first and perhaps only time that’ll happen in my life. So that’s pretty cool.

I fully intend to purchase a paperback version of the book because Paige has promised to autograph it for me one day. In the meantime she sent me a copy of the Kindle version that I’m still in the process of beginning to read, mostly due to the busyness of the holidays right now and preparing for our oldest son’s visit (his first leave since February). However, having read Paige and the material she has based her book off of for 2-3 years now I am very confident when I say I know I’ll love it. It will also result in my writing my first ever Amazon book review. And I know you’ll love it too.

Why? I can sum it up best by saying simply “Take a look around.” What are you consuming each day on the Internet or other media? If you’re like me, in an effort to keep yourself informed you consume a lot of the negative in an effort to stay afloat. For me it’s become crippling to the point where despite having ideas every day to share on this blog I just can’t seem to muster the energy or will. But Paige does, and thank God for her.

The subject matter for her book is based upon her blog. It is a style I’ve attempted a few times myself (and I have two “in the hopper” that I’ve promised Paige I’d write). Simply put: she opens her eyes and observes the wonder around her. It’s the same beauty that surrounds us all. We just need to slow down and open our own eyes. If you like little scenes of interest regarding the humanity that surrounds us, you’ll enjoy this book of Paige’s everyday observations that she made while traveling in Turkey, Austria, the United States and elsewhere.

A two part interview with Paige is here and here. The Nice Thing About Strangers is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. Paige’s blog is here.

Please do yourself a favor in 2016 and read her book.

A better idea: buy one for yourself and another to give as a gift.


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